Work specification – Table renovation

Capital Polishers Ltd specialise in  dining and large boardroom tables renovation .

We offer range of wood stain colors, types of lacquer and paint  finishes.

Our lacquers are high quality product heat/ cold/ water/ alcohol resistant what makes your table durable and perfect for every day use.

Please take a minute to read about the product and finishes you can choose from.

Below you can find information about our service and restoration options .

Why different prices and options ?  We help you decide what finish to choose.

Can you see difference between these two finishes?

Option1: Hand finish in situ

The work usually carried onsite – duration 1 day,

Price range £260+ depends on size

Choice between: oil, wax, polish, lacquer finish usually not heat resistant.


Option2: Spray piano finish

Spray finish usually 4 coats of lacquer.

Heat,cold, water and alcohol  resistant.

Duration 2-3 days, price range £400+


Full renovation

Room protection ( in situ )

Stripping existing finish ( chemical or mechanical )

Preparation wood for staining process

Match color and stain

Spray several coats of lacquer

Drying time

Final polishing and smoothing

The process of full renovation takes depending on size and  required finish usually between 3-5 working days.


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Cleaning and polishing existing finish

White rings remove

Remove of scratches and chips

Waxing and general wood maintenance

The process of general revive depending on size and damage usually takes 1-2 working days

Please note that not all rings, scratches, marks and burs can be removed and full stripping sometimes is necessary.

We will advise you when preparing quotation.

Type of finishes

Dead matt – 5% of shine

Matt – 10% of Shine

Semi matt – 20% of shine

Eggshell – 30% of shine

Semi satin – 40% of shine

Satin – 60%

Gloss – 80% of shine

High gloss – 90% of shine

French polishing

Special paint finishes

Wood bleaching / wood lightening

Wax and oil finishes

Onsite work

We offer onsite 24h service for hotels and commercials as we do realise that sometimes is not convenient to carry out the repairs during the office hours.

All our contractors are experiences and CSCS qualified.

Good preparation and protection is very important to keep the place clean and dust free, this is why we protect whole area before we start any work

Both large board tables and smaller items can be repaired onsite however we also offer collection and delivery.

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