Spray painting table and fixing dull lacquer – Change lacquer finish to solid paint

This dining table was in very bad condition. Original oak veneer was pealing off and the surface has plenty of black patches caused by water.

We offered to our client to finish the table in solid paint finish and keep rustic open grain effect. For spray painting tables we use heat and alcohol resistant acid pigmented lacquers.

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lacquered dining table

dining table dull lacquer

dull lacquer on dining table

Delivery day:

When you choose us to spray your table you will not be  charged for collection and delivery .

Mounting and demounting table is also included in price.

All logos , serial number and original stickers will be transferred to your newly painted table.

mounting dining table on delivery

Table sprayed in:

Make of paint :Little Greene

Colour : Serpentine

Number 233

Finish type: open rustic grain effect

dull lacquer has been sprayed over with paint, little greene serpentine 233


paint spraying table london

matt finished blue dining table

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