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Spray matt lacquer on furniture – Matt paint finishes 10% – 30% sheen level

Spray matt lacquer:

We offer range of wood spray finishes from dead matt to high gloss effects.

This table has been stained and sprayed with 10%  AC matt lacquer.

It is a very popular modern open grain type of finish.

Lacquer is heat, alcohol and water resistant however is not easy to maintain.

Using polishing cloth and wrong products can transform matt finish to glossy patches.

We will advice you what products to use and ways to clean matt surfaces.


Paint finishes:


Semi matt paint 20% sheen



Eggshell  30% sheen level

spraying wardrobe doors


Kitchen finished in Dulux Jasmine White in 10% sheen




Spraying table in Little Greene Serpentine 233 in 10% sheen:


table matt blue paint


Matt 5% sheen pastel effect on kitchen fronts – open grain effect

matt effect on kitchen fronts open grain


Kitchen mdf panels finished in dead matt 5%sheen

red kitchen front finished in dead matt 5% finish


Clear natural coat 10% sheen level AC lacquer heat resistant

clear natural coat 10% sheen


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