Respray IKEA kitchen doors London service – Respraying new IKEA doors, units, cupboards and furniture.

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Respray IKEA kitchen doors  London service – Respraying doors, repainting kitchen units, cupboards

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Can IKEA kitchen doors be resprayed to different colour ?

respray ikea kitchen doors


This question comes from many of our clients and people who looking for  custom made kitchens in specific colour.

Any Ikea furniture painted or lacquered including tables, wardrobes, cabinets, desks ect. can be refinished to any paint colour and in any shine level. 

We have tested IKEA lacquers and paint and found perfect solution.

Our clients can choose to respray kitchen in matt pastel colour , satin or high gloss mirror effects.

The respraying painted IKEA kitchen doors is cost effective and takes less time than new bare MDF.

Usually we can deliver all resprayed panels within 5-6 days from the day of collection.

The prices for small kitchens starts from £400.00.

To cut cost we can respray one side of the panels and live inside in original finish.

Additional charges apply for kitchen installation on delivery.

Please see some examples of our work below.



Kitchen spray paint finishes in our offer:


Matt spray repainting IKEA kitchen doors



High gloss finishing IKEA panels


If you require price for spray your kitchen please email us picture with panels dimension and we will be pleased to submit an free estimate.
For central London we can also arrange visit of one of our experts to give a professional advise and choose the right finish.


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How to respray ikea kitchen doors? Use airless system or compressor. What paint use ikea on kitchen doors? It is not a water base paint, the use polyester paint. Can I use polyurethane paint on IKEA kitchen units? Yes you can use PU paint on top of existing finish and painted fronts and units. What paint is on Ikea furniture?