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Repair broken chair leg London – Wooden chair leg replacement, Chair repair London 

Need to repair broken chair leg or restore current finish ?

Capital Polishers Ltd specialise in all types of furniture repairs and restoration.

Whether it is a antique curved chair or modern shape we can refinish to traditional hand French polish or spray finish.

Broken chair leg can be re-glued using original parts. There is also leg reconstruction option by making a new copy of the the broken part.

Price for leg repair or replacement are vary and depends on type of used wood, shape and required finish.


For more info and prices please emails us some pictures of the damage. Please follow this link: Get free quotation


chair restoration london


repair broken chair leg London


Chair repair:  re-gluing option:

  • dismantling all parts of the chair by pressure and steaming
  • cleaning all joints and remove of all glue
  • degreasing and prime joints
  • apply new glue
  • chair clamping
  • glue drying time 24-48h

chair dismantling glued joints

re-gluing chair parts and clamping


Cost of chair repair:

Please note that our minimum order for any repairs is: £250.00+VAT

We offer free collection and delivery service within M25,

More to come..

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