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Wood stains London – Wood staining specialists 


Capital Polishers Ltd  specialise in all types of wood finishes this include change of wood colour – staining.

There is a range of wood stain colors you can choose from, this include  dark black colours and light pine or even white effects.

Modern finishes can be also stained grey, silver, red, blue, green or even yellow.

We are experiences with staining large surfaces including boardroom tables, all types furniture and floors.

Traditional colours:

Brown Mahogany, Jacobean Oak, Yew, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Golden Oak, Red Mahogany, Rosewood, Walnut,

Modern finishes:

Black Basalt, Black Walnut, Brazil Wood, Burnt Oak, Chalk, Chesnut, Clay, Indian Cherry, Ivory, Lime Wash, Natural Linen, Ochre, Pale Wenge, Silt, Tasmanian Oak, Walnut Tree, Washed Umber, Burnt Earth, Castanea, Crushed Marble, Sienna


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Example works:

Staining vintage wall panelling in dark brown oak.

staining vintage wall panelling

tained dark oak wall panelling


Staining walnut wall panelling:

Staining walut wall panelling

light walnut stain

Wood stain London including: black wood stain exterior wood stain London, colored wood stain including grey stains and espresso wood stain. All zar wood stain like white wood stain is best on before use wood stain wood stain remover. Furniture green wood stain als classick cherry wood stain. Company like minwax wood stain we offer dark wood stain ebony effect on furniture. Wood stain brands sikkens wood stain and wood stain color like chart ebony wood stain furniture London and west London.  We provide and match wood stain samples and wood stains colors and this service is payable £30. Many of wood stains color using chart wood staining like red wood stain or purple wood stain also pink wood stain. We specialise in wood staining techniques. How to stain furniture, floors. External colours and wood floor stain color We recommend floor wood stain to apply before lacquer and sanding between coats. Wood floor stains London and many of  interior wood stains modern gray wood stain furniture London. Spay stain furniture London.