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Veneer repair London – Table veneer replacement


Wood veneer is defined as wood which is cut in a very thin sheet. Veneer is used to cover an existing material with a new surface.

The top layer of wood in plywood is a veneer. With modern technology veneers can be cut as thin as a piece of paper.

Using veneer is a way to make expensive wood cover a larger area for an economical cost.

Wood veneers are simple to apply but do require some knowledge, tools, skills, and time.

Veneers can be purchased in several forms and each is applied in a different although similar manner.

Real wood-on-wood veneer has a layer of wood with the grain running cross-ways glued to a layer with the grain running long-ways.

The advantage here is extra thickness, durability, and it shows less tell-tale glue or paper lines at the edges of a project.

This method takes a little more skill to apply since it usually requires power tools to trim off the excess.

On some really cheap particle board furnishings, the veneer is actually a computer generated image of wood on something like vinyl wallpaper.

We offer veneers/laminates replacement, repair or change parts.


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Furniture veneer replacement London, re-veneering furniture London


New project: Restoring  and reveneering Altec speakers 1950′


Cutting veneer:

This is example of hand cutting oak veneer

cutting oak veneer


Reapairing table veneer:

Please click on the picture to see full table veneer repair details and view more pictures



Replacement rotten oak veneered wall panelling:

Inserting new oak veneer into rotten vintage wall panelling in dado rail section,

replacement rotten wall panelling


Staining new oak veneered panels and colour matching to the sorounding original parts.

Oak veneered wall panelling


Cutting wood veneers and types of ways to form unique design


See how furniture veneer is made

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