Upgrade your existing painted kitchen plinths with real stainless steel plates cut to size.


Kitchen plinths can be sprayed and finished in the same colour as doors, however you can consider to upgrade it with stainless steel plates,

Metal plinths are more durable then paint and much easier to clean and maintain,

metal effect kitchen plinths

stainless steel plinths for kitchen


Kitchen plinths are cut to sizes including grills and internal and external courners.

Cutting kitchen plinths and instaling grills under the fridge


Plastic grills and any other finishing elements will be sprayed in the same colour as plinths

Instaling vent access in the kitchen plinth

Stainless steel plinths to match hadles satin finish


Metal stainless steel kitchen plinths will add modern look to your kitchen

New kitchen plinths:

Metal plinths adding modern look to old kitchen

Original kitchen with painted plinths in black

Old painted plinths:

Original kitchen with painted plinths in black


Cost of metal effect kitchen plinths ?

Prices of stainless steel kitchen plinths depends on lenght and high of existing panels.

The average cost for standard size kitchen are between £175-£350 including cutting and installation.

Please tick the box on our kitchen enquiry form and we will be happy to quote.

Plinths insallation:

We will collect your old plinths including any grills and plastic courners along with doors on agreed collection day.

All cutting will be done in the same shape as original boards,

New metal plates will be glued and clamped for 48hours before delivery,

Instalation of plinths will be done by our contractors usually on the same day asinstalation of newly paited doors.


Cleaning plinths:

We recommend to use following products:

Cif Professional Stainless Steel and Glass Cleaner
Method Stainless Steel Spray