Respray kitchen doors service – frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How do I choose the colour?


We mix and match to all following brands:

Dulux , Farrow&Ball Ral , Pantone Little Greene, SandersonZoffany, Paint&Paper

We suggest that you order a FREE colour chart book directly from above websites or collect samples from any local DIY stores including Homebase, Brawers,  B&Q etc.

Kitchen doors paint colour matching

Your chosen colour will be mixed in PU or Acid based pigmented lacquer.

Each colour can be mixed in following sheen levels:

Standard matt: 10% sheen example

Semi matt 20% sheen example

Eggshell 30% sheen example

Satin 50% sheen example example

Gloss 90%

Wet look mirror effect 100% example


Can I choose two colours for my kitchen?

You can choose to respray your kitchen doors in two or more colours, for example upper cabinets can be lighter than lower or island can be in completely different colour then the rest of cupboards.

You can also mix sheen levels for example high gloss with matt effect.

Please note that our quotation is always based on one colour unless other stated.

Each additional colour will incur additional charge of approx. £175.00+VAT


Can you match the colour to my existing kitchen fronts?

We can scan existing finish and find the nearest colour in 95% successful match. Please note that we cannot guarantee 100% perfect colour shade due to age of your kitchen, dull finish or spray gun setting. In some cases is better to spray all fronts instead of trying to match one single door.


How long the service will take?

Respraying kitchen service is split into two visits:

Day 1:

  • Remove doors and handles
  • Collection of all removable parts including pelmets, plinths and cover panels
  • Onsite spraying service of all elements that are permanently fitted including front edges of all cabinets.
  • Duration: 8-10 hours

Day 2 (2-4 weeks lead time):

  • Kitchen installation including adjustment of doors
  • Duration: 3-5 hours


What I can expect on the ‘on site’ spray service day?

You can expect team of minimum 2 contractors who will carry out the spray works.

Before spraying will take a place your kitchen and surrounding area will be well protected.

Walls, tiles, worktops, floor windows and ceiling will be covered with plastic and dust sheets.

To reduce the smell and fume – fan extractors and temporary ventilation will be set in the room.

All elements that require painting will be sanded and degreased.

All imperfections in the surface including dents, chips and scratches will be filled and fixed before priming.

After work completion all rubbish will be collected and area hovered.

Respray kitchen doors  respraying old kitchen



Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards?

Please empty all kitchen cupboards before our arrival.

You can gently put all stuff back on the next day.

Can contractors empty my cartboards for me?

I’m affraid that we do not offer this service at the momement.

empty kitchen cupboards


How durable is the finish?

Acid paints are the most hardwearing finishes available on the market widely used by large furniture manufactures and stores including IKEA, HOWDENS, JOHN LEWIS, NEXT, LAURA ASHLEY etc.

According to product data sheet the paint become fully heat, cold, alcohol and stain resistant after 28 days of curing.

durable paint for kitchen doors    hardwearing paint for kitchen doors


Do you offer kitchen handles replacement?

There is no extra charge for replacing old handles if the new ones will fit original screw holes.

If you wish to completely change the style or position from vertical to horizontal we can fill old screw holes during doors preparation process.

Drilling and installation of new handles take a place on kitchen delivery day and cost around £5.00 per each handle.

Please note that we do not sell handles, these must be supplied by client.



I’m planning to replace worktops, shall I do it before or after your spraying service?

It doesn’t make any difference for us as we will protect and mask the area. New worktops does not affect our work.



I’m planning to paint my kitchen walls, shall I do it before or after your spraying service?

We suggest to plan painting and decorating service in the period between our kitchen collection/ onsite spraying and the day of kitchen delivery / installation

When we carry spray work on site even with good preparation and masking there is a risk of over spraying walls or ceiling,

Also, spray system creates some paint dust that can seat on walls, coving or floor,  this problem can happen especially in small kitchens with white painted walls and the colour used for spraying cupboards is dark,

Also removing masking tape can peel off small areas of the paint,

Please note that our team will do all masking and preparation to the highest standard and our company will not take responsibility for small over sprayed areas on surrounding walls as this is a nature of the spray work,

It is good to have  some spare touch-up paint that your painter can use later to fix potential imperfections,

Possible over-spray of interiors of cupboards or paint on appliances will be cleaned off by our team,


I’m planning to replace my kitchen floor shall I do it before or after your spraying service?

It doesn’t make any difference for us as we will protect and mask the area. New floor does not affect our work.

How soon I can use my kitchen?

You can gently load your cupboards on the next day after spray work is completed. Please note that it takes 14 days the paint to become fully cured. During this period the paint is still soft/ not fully hard and can easy scratch or stain.




Do you do onsite visits?

Yes we offer home visits,

Home visit include:

  • Measuring your kitchen cupboards and all element that require spraying
  • Checking condition and current finish of the units, hinges etc.
  • We will show paint samples with different sheen levels from matt high gloss
  • Some paint chart books will be available including: Dulux, Farrow and Ball, Little Greene and Pantone

Price for site visit for 2018: £125.00 incl. VAT


Can I use DIY acrylic / oil base paint for my kitchen doors?

Farrow and Ball, Little Greene and Dulux paints are designed for walls and woodwork only – skirting board, frames, internal doors. DIY paints are not water, stain, heat and alcohol resistant. The finish is not durable against scratches and dents.

Depending on project we only use hardwearing polyurethane, cellulose or acid pigmented furniture lacquers that are designed for furniture manufacture, kitchens, bathrooms as also internal and external doors.


How strong is the smell / fume of the paint?

We ventilate the room very well using fan extractor placed by the window to minimalize the smell. If you have small children and pets to plan you day out.


Are there any hiddem cost in your quotation?

The prices shown on your quotation include materials, tools, labour, parking, transport and carriage unless other specified.

Onsite service include cost of paint, masking materials, floor protection and team of usually two contractors.


Do you require deposit ?

Yes we require deposit on booking:

30% – on orders above £1000.00 excl VAT

50% – on orders below £1000.00 excl VAT

If you decide to proceed with the works we will prepare your order within 24h,

Email and text message will be sent with reference number and payment instructions,

You will be able to see your full order along with work specification, chosen colour and sheen level, amount of panels, dates etc.

Deposit and final settlement can be paid online by card or you can choose to make a bank transfer.


How much does it cost to respray my kitchen?

The cost of kitchen spraying is calculated based on the amount and sizes of kitchen doors, drawers and other elements.

The most costly finish we offer is 100% high gloss wet look due to its time consuming process.

There is no big difference in cost between low sheen levels from 10% matt to 50% satin.

The average cost of refinishing standard size kitchen starts from £599.00+VAT.

For detailed quotation please follow KITCHEN ENQUIRY FORM


How to choose the best company for repainting my kitchen?

While searching for the best company you must look for their years of experience and quality of finish they offer.

Recently the market is floated with newly opened businesses unexperienced in high quality finishes offering unbelievably low prices.

Over 80% of newly opened UK based companies go into liquidation before age of 1 year which means you will have no guarantee if anything will go wrong.

Check company age and status here:  CHECK STATUS AND AGE OF THE COMPANY

Please always read testimonials and online reviews about the company.

Check if the company is listed on Google Business Places where reviews are shown to public. Search button is located on top of the linked  page Google+ listing

Please note that several businesses has been removed from the Google listing due to high volume of negative reviews sometimes they intentionally do not have an account to avoid comments. If you will not be happy with the service you will have limited option to complain or even leaving feedback.


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