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Remove white water rings from furniture – Table white ring and stains

Nail varnish damage repair, Furniture burns

Most white marks or rings on furniture are usually left by water or moisture penetrating through the protective finish (varnish, shellac, lacquer etc.) and then getting trapped below the finish.

When this happens the finish in that area appears white and loses its transparency.

This usually appears in the shape of a ring and happens on a surface like a table top.

The ring shaped mark happens because it is usually left by a wet drinking glass or hot cup under which moisture condenses (builds up) on the protective finish that has been applied to the piece of furniture.

This usually happens on older pieces where the finish has started to crack or craze.

The moisture will seep through the small cracks in the finish.

There are a few methods we use to remove water marks: alcohol, rubbing out the marks or use of lubricant.

Most of white rings can be removed on site usually within few hours of work.

We offer 24h touch up repair service for central London including late evenings and night shifts.

The prices starts from as low as £150.00 for small repairs,

Unfortunately not all table white rings can be fixed.

Often stripping and refinishing whole surface is necessary.

We will advise you when preparing free quotation.





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Prices for onsite service starts from £150.00 for minor damage and  depends on size of the damage and type of current finish .
We provide free quotation based on received pictures.
If you would like to estimate your repair please email us picture of your furniture  damage and we will be pleased to submit an estimate.
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burns_heat            white_rings


Example 1:  Large meeting table lacquer spray finish

white rings on meeting table       no sign of rings repair within 3 hours


Example 2: Maple veneered desk white ring remove

Maple desk white ring before       White ring successfully removed


Example 3: White ring on french polished table

White rings on french polished table       Fixed white ring on french polished finish


Example 4: White ring in oil finished worktop

white ring in oil finished worktop       repair white patch on kitchen worktop


Example 5: Chemicals removed stain from the table creating rings

removed stain in the middle of table       touch up table stain colour repair


Example 6: Cigarette table burn on polyurethane finish

cigarette table burn       heat mark removed from lacquered surface


Example 6: Leaking flower pot caused lacquer water damage

flower pot leaking water damaged table       removed flower pot leaked water lacquer damage


Example 7: Removing rings from french polished table

This table was fully stripped and french polish was changed to heat resistant spray finish

fix white ring on french polished table      french polish finish changed to acid catalysed







Our service cover all types of modern wood furniture furniture also repair leather and leather furniture restoration. For example pine and french wood furniture solid wood furniture including white painted bedroom furniture. Remove nail varnish stain on table. Very often auto water spot remover can be used on wood furniture sets furniture but stain colors on dining room furniture and unfinished oak furniture. We also work on teak furniture and waxing unfinished pine furniture to expose natural wood furniture. Dining furniture and wood furniture with white rings it can be in kitchen furniture and office furniture. Mahogany furniture and large wooden dark mahogany furniture can be handcrafted furniture where water stain remover and water spot remover doesn’t work. Best hard water stain remover is a key to remove the stain. London, Kensington, West London, Westminster and Chelsea. Remove white water rings London.