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Mdf spray painting London, furniture spray finishing London, furniture spraying London
We can professionally respray any furniture, old or new, to suit your tastes and give it a new lease of life.

Furniture spraying can preserve the original character or completely transform it with new look.

Restoring rather than replacing is good for the environment and your wallet.

By choosing custom colour or even use few colours you can create unique piece of furniture.

You can choose any RAL  colour mixes in any shine level: matt, satin, gloss or choose custom special paint finishes including shabby chic.

Our service also include repair of furniture damages like chips, scratches repair on paint work,  high gloss  finished furniture and pianos.

We offer free collection within M25 and provide onsite spray work.

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Matt furniture paint spray finish

We are experienced in all types of furniture and MDF  paint finishes this include: build in units, wardrobes, paneling , internal and external doors.

What paint colours I can choose for furniture spraying?

ral colour paint colours farrow and ball paint range furniture spraying in dulux paints spraying little greene paints

Example furniture spray finishes we offer:


90% high gloss spray finishing furniture and MDF

10% matt spray painting MDF panels

If you require quotation  please email us pictures or drawings of you furniture/project and we will be pleased to submit free estimate.
Site visits are also available on request – limited to central London.


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Onsite furniture spraying example project – wall panelling spray matt finish

Finishing mdf coctail bar in dark colour

Finishing mdf fitchen units in Dulux Damson Dream 1


Onsite spraying example project 2- Spray finishing 24 internal doors

Please follow this link to see more examples of  spray painting doors

Spraying internal doors onsite         mdf spray finishing london


Example 3:  stain spray finish

Please follow this link to see more examples of furniture stain spraying

furniture spraying London, respray furniture London


Example 4:  Spraying mdf joinery window project 

mdf spray painting london spray finishing


Example 5: New project: Spray finishing mdf wall panelling



Example 6: Spraying wardrobe doors and colour change

Please follow this link to see more examples of spraying wardrobe doors

spraying wardrobe doors



Example 7: Spraying kitchen cupboards 

Please follow this link to see more examples of spraying kitchen doors




Example 8: Spraying tables in high gloss and matt finishes 

Please follow this link to see more examples of table spraying




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