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Wax is a unique product. It is still manufactured to original recipes.

It has been used successfully by Antique Restorers for over 100 years.

Made from the purest and hardest natural waxes ava available ncluding Beeswax, Carnauba and Shellac Wax.

All of the following except clear are based on white spirit and turpentine solvents.

Lighter coloured waxes can be used on metal and stone.

Wax polish offers the simplest of finishes to unfinished / raw timber or the final touch to a full French polished surface whether in the home or the workshop.

A blend of Carnauba waxes to give an instant natural sheen to bare wood or wood prepared with Shellac Sealer.

Ideal for woodcarvings and turned wood, for floors and skirting’s, cleans and protects wood, metalwork even melamine.

Waxes are available in Clear, which maintains the natural coluorful the wood, and many other wood shades to stain and wax in one operation.

If you require quotation for wax finishing and refinishing your furniture please email us picture along with dimension and we will be pleased to submit a free estimate.
For central London we can also arrange  visit of one of our experts to give a professional advise and choose the right finish.
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Furniture wax London