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Furniture burns damage London – Repair of burn damage on furniture 

There are any number of reasons why you might find yourself with a burn on your worktop, for example, caused by placing a hot pan or serving dish directly on the surface or from a stray spark from a match you’ve used to light your gas.

In most instances, minor, surface burns are easily dealt with.

If the burn on your worktop is deep, you may find that you need to scrape or cut away the surface to remove the burned wood and then use a filler to repair the resulting damage.

Depending on the extent of the damage we can usually fix it onsite within few hours of work.

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The prices for onsite burns repair starts from £50.00 and  depends on size of the damage.
We provide free quotation based on pictures.
If you would like us to estimate your repair please email us picture of your furniture  and we will be pleased to submit an estimate.
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Example repairs of furniture heat damage:

Hot cup on the table maydamage lacquered surface

table heat damage repair           Hot cup table ring

Hot pot left on worktop may cause rings and burns in the wood.

hot pot left on worktop

Fix burn in the worktop




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