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External wood finishing London – Specialists in external timber finishes

It is essential, and in fact a pre-requisite of any work guarantee, that external woodwork is treated adequately in order to protect it from the elements and to maximize their performance.

All of the external woodwork must be adequately treated with a quality product, following the steps carefully and ensuring that all edges, faces and cut outs are covered.
We offer range of products and different types of finishes to create a fantastic look and to protect the exterior of the building this include:

window frames, front doors, paneling and other wooden decorative elements.

The prices for external work depends on type of finish and size of the project.
We provide free quotation based on pictures.
If you would like us to estimate your project please email us few picture and we will be pleased to submit an free estimate.
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Exterior wood finishing London external_finishes      Exterior wood finishing London

External wood finishing London specialists – Capital polishers specialize in external wood finishing London and wood finishes London. All types of wood finishing products concentrate about wood finish colors black, mahogany, walnut, oak, paint stains. The most of polyurethane wood finish including natural wood finish London. The most popular we use sikkens wood finishes but linseed oil wood finish on on top. We coating epoxy wood finish types of wood finishes wood London Kensington, Westminster, West London, East and North London. Mainly we use finishing oil exterior for all types of wood finishes this include: clear wood finish cherry wood finish faux wood finish. All timber hardwood and softwood walnut wood finish external windows, hardwood oak windows and garage doors. We also use tung oil watco danish oil for external door finishing London. The best wood finishes including black wood stain and wood preservative coating. A coat of Deft wood finish on external house better then other finishes types of external wall finishes. Front door renovation and finishing London. External lacquers exterior varnish. Clear coat for external front door. We are experts in exterior wood finishing London. External timber finishing London specialists, window frames.