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There are a few different methods we use to bend wood.

These methods include Steam Bending, Kerf-cut Bending, Laminated Wood Bending, and for small pieces of wood, Microwave Steaming.

Each special orders and own designed project needs individual forms and molds.

We can bend solid wood such a hardwoods: walnut or oak and plywood sheets.

Example projects: bend chair frame, table legs, bend coffee tables and curving and veneering wall panels.

Maximum size of sheeting materials in one piece we can make is 140cm width and 300cm length.


If you require quotation for custom furniture build please email us picture or drawing of your project and we will be pleased to submit a free estimate. Please note that our minimum order on this service is £500.00
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bending plywood

Furniture bending London for special orders including bend coffee table or you own custom design. Spacial curved furniture London are made from  Bending veneered plywood London. We use special bug press machines and make spacial molding for best result. Flexible plywood can be uses for paneling and curving in furniture industry London. Make furniture round shape London and bend softwood and hardwood furniture elements. Special order furniture parts London. The drying time using special glue PVA is usually between 6 to 12 hours depending on room temperature  To speed up drying time we use additional electrical heater. Curved furniture London can be made in our workshop. Refinishing curved furniture and refinishing bend furniture to matt, satin and high gloss finish. Spray bend furniture London workshop. How to bend furniture onsite. Custom design bending furniture London. Flexible plywood 18 mm and 12 mm and 9 mm from our suppliers. We can refinish with paint or spray lacquer on veneers. Bend veneered furniture London. Curving wood in bug press system. Most of our customers are from advertising and books. Bend wood walnut, softwood, curve oak boards. bend furniture reproduction London bending wood. Furniture wooden elements London.