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Bar top restoration London – Refinishing bars and hardwood worktops  

Bar top finish lacquer:

Traditional bar top finish is a one pack cellulose lacquer designed to offer superior moisture resistance to other cellulose lacquers.

This lacquer can be applied by brush or Zorino mop and dries very quickly, is still widely used within the our trade and used for tables and bar tops.

48h after completion the surface is very durable and heat / cold / alcohol and water resistant.

For hardwood tops we apply between 4-6 coats to give a good protection  and best smooth gloss finish.

The whole process of finishing with average drying time takes 4-6 days before use.

Alternative heat resistant products are: polyurethane and acid lacquers.

Both above are designed for spray finishing and our clients can choose different sheen levels including:

10% matt, 20% semi matt, 30% eggshell, 50% satin, 90% high gloss. For heavily used worktops we recommend to choose satin or high gloss.

Our company offer restoration service of bar tops and kitchen worktops mainly for London’s pricate clients as also comercial places including restaurants and hotels.

Similar restoration process of hardwood worktops is used on dining and meeting tables.

Please follow the link to example  table restoration projects.

We also offer  chip repairs and scratches repair on wooden worktops.

hardwood bar top restoration london

worktop restoration London refinishing

If you require quotation for restoration of your bar or kitchen worktop please email us picture with dimension and we will be pleased to submit a free estimate.

We can also arrange site visit of one of our experts to provide professional advise.


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Respraying kitchen worktops in 20% acid finish


Respraying kitchen worktops in high gloss 90% acid finish


Restoring oak kitchen worktops including wood staining and spraying 20% sheen level clear PU lacquer


Example worktop repair:

White patch in the surface caused by rubbing the finish with wire wool.

repair oil finished worktop          repair white patch in wood

Worktop restoration process 3 steps:

1. Check current condition and match the stain colour

hot pot left on worktop

2. Mechanical and chemical stripping off old finish to bare wood.

sanding kitchen worktop and stripping oil finish

3. Worktop refinishing: heat resistant oil or spray finishing acid lacquer.

Fix burn in the worktop



Is your worktop made from  solid wood, veneered plywood or it is only laminated with vinyl ?


For quotation please click here: Quotation request  Conatct details: Contact

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