February 25, 2019

What paint can be used for painting kitchen doors?

What paint can be used for painting kitchen doors? Are Farrow and Ball paints suitable for kitchen furniture? Can we use Dulax, Crown, Little Greene and Annie Sloan or any similar brands for furniture finishing ?

Painter ruined my kitchen, Painter vs sprayer


What paint can be used for painting kitchen doors and furniture?

Despite several DIY’s type of tutorials, blogs and videos showing how easy and simple is painting furniture by ourselves, I want to warn all readers of this article and highlight consequences before they decide to use common DIY paints for painting furniture surface.

Acrylic and oil based paints that you can buy online or in local DIY stores including B&Q , Homebase or Dulux Centre are great paints but dedicated for painting walls, ceilings and woodwork however not for furniture. For applying these paints we can use classic painting tools as roller or brush.

DIY paints are not heat and alcohol resistant, easy catching dirt and stains as per pictures attached below. Please check my other post in regards to problem with furniture white rings on acrylic surfaces.

I’ve recently joined few UK’s furniture spraying forums on Facebook and I’m actually shocked watching painters decorators who converting theirs garages / sheds into something pretending to be a spray booth, trying to paint kitchen doors and other furniture without any knowlage about spraying techniques.

Please be aware that if you use one of DIY paints on your furniture the finish will be ruined within few weeks or months of usage, as the paint will catch any dirt and you will not be able to simply clean or wipe off. So let say you have recently painted your kitchen using Dulux Briliant White and just split on your doors red wine, hot oil or orange juice – please be aware that all stains will remain on the paint work and to fix the damage all effected kitchen doors will need to be repainted again.
Paint chipping and peeling off!!

DIY paints are usually more thicker than furniture lacquers so even if we would like to use them with our quality pressure spray system it will create much thicker coat than allowed in data sheet of the product. Applying and recoating too much paint will effect in easy chipping and peeling off. Have you ever experienced situation when paint is coming off with a sticker or note left on painted surface? – this is happening when you use standard much softer paint on top of way harder and solid furniture lacquer that has been originally been applied on the piece of furniture,

paint reaction problem on kitchen doors


This kitchen below has recently arrived to our workshop for respraying. Based on information provided by client this kitchen was painted a year ago by brush using Farrow and Ball matt finish.


painting kitchen doors

What paint can be used for kitchen furniture? Are Farrow and Ball paints suitable for kitchen furniture?

 Can we use Dulax, Crown, Little Greene and Annie Sloan paints for furniture finishing ?


Why sprayers need workshop and spray booth? Why we are taking kitchen doors to be sprayed off site?

As mentioned earlier Facebook spraying forums showed me how creative painters can be, offering painting kitchen in situ without taking doors off. There is two main reasons why quality finish cannot be achieved in this way:

The first reason is that all doors and cupboards are full of grease and dust. When you spray with air pressure gun all surrounded dust and dirt, from above of upper cupboards or insides of units is picking up, flying and sticking everywhere to wet paint. In spray booth all air is filtered that’s why the final finish is so flat and smooth.

The second reason is that all panels must be sprayed in horizontal flat position with good access to all edges. Please do not expect good finish if you spray in vertical position,

One more suggestion is that you don’t want to have door ironmongery to be sprayed over so imagine scraping off all paint from door handles and hinges after painting, no matter how hard you try it’s never going to look good.

This how it looks typical finish of Dulux paints sprayed in situ:

orange peel effect


So what paints we can actually use for kitchen doors?

This is a moment when you need to contact professional furniture spraying workshop who use polyester, polyurethane or acid lacquers. Furniture lacquers needs special temperature and air moisture set for spraying that’s why typical spray workshop must invest minimum 10k for quality spray booth and another 10k for proper compressors, filters, dry racks, spray guns and other equipment. This is why professional spray workshops charge a bit more than painters and decorators. – Please note that you pay for technology, quality and perfection.

best paint for spraying kitchens


How durable is the finish?

As you can see on the pictures below the finish is amazing and smooth without any brush lines, drips, dirt and any imperfections in the surface. The quality of finish well compare to car bodywork finish so you can almost keep it outdoor on the rain and with good paint coverage it shouldn’t happen anything to the furniture. Also furniture lacquers especially polyurethane are flexible so perfectly work with doors and all movable elements of furniture. The finish is heat / cold and alcohol resistant so you can now split red wine on white table top and simply wipe off.
Non fading / UV resistant formula !!

Please note that all PU and Polyester finish have 10 years guarantee on UV protection. All paints and especially white will not go yellowish within this period of time. Speak to painters and they will confirm that is a very common problem that even the most expensive top branded high gloss oil based paints will fade and change its colour to off white within a short time.


Proffessional paint for spraying kitchen doors

What type of paint can be used for spraying kitchen doors and other furniture?

What paint can be used for painting kitchen doors? paint for spraying kitchens

What paint for painting kitchen furniture?


What if my furniture has been already painted with DIY paint?

We recommend to strip existing finish and respray in a proper furniture lacquer.

Please watch this video to see example  brush finish conversion into smooth high gloss lacquer :



So how is comes that on your You Tube channel you show kitchens sprayed in Farrow and Ball and Dulux paint colours?

Our furniture lacquers supplier providing colour matching service, so for example F&B Railings 20% semi matt project is actually matched colour but not original F&B paint. We use chart books of popular brands as an indication. Depending on chosen paint all colour mixes are in 95-99% the same as originals.

For more information about our kitchen spraying service please visit our FAQ page or email us,

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January 12, 2019

Spraying wardrobe doors and paint colour change

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Wardrobe spraying and paint colour change – spraying wardrobe doors London service


Tired with your current bedroom wardrobe colour? All doors still in working condition? Why not to change the colour and use our furniture spraying service? Below you can find some pictures of  the re-spraying work progress. Our receny client had an old  90′ s build in cherry wardrobe originaly purchased at John Lewis store. The condition of doors was still in good full working order but the colour and style become a bit old fusion.

Wardrobe doors ware collected and sprayed off site in our workshop. Depending on required finish whole project usually takes one day in situ. Doors are delivered and installed usually within 2-3 weeks from collection date. To cut the cost all fronts can be sprayed  from one side only and internal of cupboards can be left in original finish.

On this project side panels, shelving and front partition edges ware finished on site.


Protecting wardrobe before spraying

Good protection is a key to archive straight  lines on the side panels, corners and front edges.

We use the most durable plastic covers and high quality masking tapes.

A proximately time spent on preparing wardrobe for spraying: 4-5 hours

Room protection for spraying using masking tapes and plastic sheets, spraying wardrobe doors


Sanding and preparation

Sanding existing finish, filling imperfections: chips, scratches and dents.

sanding existing finish and preparation


We can also spray inside wardrobe on request however front edges and side panels are the most important.

Wardrobe spray finishing require 2-3 coats of furniture paint. High quality paints drying within 20min what let us apply few coats and finish the project usually in one day.

after first coat we can see already good result

closer look wardrobe spraying



To reduce cost of spraying wardrobe inside can be left in original finish

inside werdrobe left in original colour



This is 30% sheen level paint

If you wish to compare to 20% sheen level please see other project by clicking on following link: 20% sheen paint finish Colour number: Farrow % Ball Number 59 New White

paint light reflection

closer look into 30% sheen level



Final result – solid paint finish

Spraying wardrobe doors in new paint colour can safe your cost comparing to purchasing a new one.

Farrow & Ball Number 59 New White final effect, spray paint eggshell sheen level



Original cherry look in clear coat finish

Cherry wardrobe from John Lewis

New project: Respraying oak wardobe doors from clear lacquer to solid paint finish: Inchyra Blue Farrow and Ball no. 289 10% matt finish



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Proper way to spray large wardrobe doors





January 5, 2019

Re-spraying oak sideboard

29 January 2018
Our way to re-spray sideboard.

large oak sideboard

re-spraying sideboard

spray painting sideboard

down pipe sideboard, down pipe furniture

painting sideboard ideas


down pipe furniture

grain effect furniture

January 24, 2017

Shadow White Kitchen 

Shadow White Kitchen – Farrow & Ball no 282 

Shadow White kitchen re-sprayed in custom colour

Link to colour merchant: order sample


Get inspired:


Shadow white kitchen


Project included:

  1. Stripping lacquer
  2. Degreasing and neutralising surface
  3. Filling wood imperfections
  4. Priming
  5. Spraying top coat in 20% semi matt finish
  6. Replacement of handles
  7. Change position of handles including drilling new holes in the centre of panels

Shadow white cabinet

Shadow white kitchen fronts

Shadow white kitchen

unpacking newly refinished kitchen doors

Pictures taken before our works:

90's style kitchen

90's style kitchen

90's style kitchen


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May 10, 2015

Handrail parts wood


Wooden handrails repair London service – Handrail parts wood – made to size

Need custom wooden handrail parts made to size?

We can make and copy almost any design of modern and vintage railing this include:

  • mahogany handrail parts
  • walnut handrail parts
  • oak handrail parts

Please see pictures below of some of our example works.

If your handrail is broken or you want to extend your current one we can get the same shape, the same type of wood with even similar grain pattern, match colour and stain,  finish it off in any required sheen level from matt, satin to high gloss mirror effect.

See more: Handrail finishing works


walnut handrail parts repair

oak handrail parts repair service

March 17, 2015

Spray painting table – spraying paint over lacquer

Spray painting table and fixing dull lacquer – Change lacquer finish to solid paint

This dining table was in very bad condition. Original oak veneer was pealing off and the surface has plenty of black patches caused by water.

We offered to our client to finish the table in solid paint finish and keep rustic open grain effect. For spray painting tables we use heat and alcohol resistant acid pigmented lacquers.

For other painting ideas please check out our portfolio: table spraying



lacquered dining table

dining table dull lacquer

dull lacquer on dining table

Delivery day:

When you choose us to spray your table you will not be  charged for collection and delivery .

Mounting and demounting table is also included in price.

All logos , serial number and original stickers will be transferred to your newly painted table.

mounting dining table on delivery

Table sprayed in:

Make of paint :Little Greene

Colour : Serpentine

Number 233

Finish type: open rustic grain effect

dull lacquer has been sprayed over with paint, little greene serpentine 233


paint spraying table london

matt finished blue dining table

See all of our paint matt finishes:   Matt paint finishes

March 7, 2015

Painting kitchen doors in white

Painting kitchen doors on site service

Dear client please find below some pictures from our latest project showing step by step our painting kitchen doors work.


 Project details:

colour number: Dulux Jasmine White

sheen level: 10% matt



1. Collection day

Our contractors will arrive on agreed date to demount all doors and drawers.

Door handles will also be removed for spray painting.

There is no needs to empty the cabinets on that day.

Estimated work duration 2-3 hours.

demounting kitchen doors

demounting kitchen cabinet

2. Painting doors takes place in spray booth.

When all kitchen doors will arrive to our workshop we beginning the work almost immediately.

At first doors are sanded down and degreased. After filling and preparation doors can go into spray booth for painting.

We spray 2-3 coats of special catalysed furniture paint.

Doors require minimum 48h before final packaging and delivery.

kitchen doors preparation for painting       painting all doors and kitchen elements are carried in our workshop

3. Onsite service: day 1 – preparation and painting

protecting cabinets for spraying

preparing kitchen walls for spraying

resurfacing kitchen cabinets

spraying kitchen cabinets in white

spray painting lower cabinets

4. Final day

On the second final day kitchen doors will be delivered and our team will install all doors back in place.

Hanging doors, drawers and adjustment is a time consuming and may take even 8 hours.

installing kitchen drawers

adjusting kitchen doors

Work completed:

kitchen furniture resprayed in white

resprayed kitchen drawers

white kitchen cabinets

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March 6, 2015

Finishing table in high gloss

Finishing table in high gloss – Water damage repair

Another example of table repair by our company.

Water has penetrated into the table surface causing veneer damage.

Table required  two intensive weeks  of repair including spray finishing in high gloss.

Watch full video:



table water damage repair


water penetrated into table surface

veneer lifted creating bump

Table stripping process

Paint stripper is the best way to strip veneered surfaces.

stripping high gloss surface with paint remover

stripping table legs

high gloss surface removed and prepared for staining

Final effect

High gloss polished lacquer is one of the most durable finish we offer for dining and boardroom tables.

final effect high gloss lacquer

high gloss polished lacquered boardroom table

More example works of: Table restoration

March 5, 2015

Refinishing kitchen worktop spraying lacquer

Refinishing kitchen worktop – spray finishing heat resistant lacquer

Remove worktop heat burn:

Our client contacted us regarding huge heat burn on oiled hardwood kitchen worktop.

By accident hot pan was placed directly on the surface caused black burned patch.

We had to strip existing finish and refinish whole surface.

Kitchen worktop burn repair

burned oiled worktop surface

2. Stripping kitchen worktop

We use heavy belt senders to remove oiled finish.

Worktop stripping process takes several hours and require wetting the wood and changing grades of abrasives.

To achieve high quality finish we finally smoothing the wood with 320 sanding paper.

sanding kitchen worktop, refinishing kitchen worktop

3. Spraying heat resistant lacquer – resurfacing wooden worktop

Resurfacing kitchen worktops require high quality heat resistant lacquer.

We offer different sheen levels from matt, semi matt, satin, gloss or high gloss finish.

Lacquer is drying within few hours however we suggest to do not put anything on the newly restored surface for next 48h after work completion.

Our air hose can reach up to 40 meters from the van.

To avoid carring large compressor 200l into the house we can pull the air hose thru the window.

spraying kitchen worktop

4. Final finishing

Final finishing include polishing lacquer, remove all protection and cleaning room,

kitchen worktop after burn repair

hardwood kitchen worktop restoration, picture taken after completely resurfacing kitchen worktop

Prices for refinishing kitchen worktops usually cost few hundreds of pounds.

We usually work in teams of two contractors with fully equipped van.

Please see other example works by clicking on following link: white rings repair

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October 11, 2014

How to spray furniture?

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How to acheive high quality spray finish ?

How we acheive high quality spray finish? What paint to use for spraying MDF? How long does it takes to dry? How many coats of paint needs smooth spray furniture finish?

See how to spray furniture by following  3 steps:


1. Wood preparation:

This process include filling  cracks, gaps, scratches, edges and all defects in the wood.

We apply 2 coats of wood filler on all required areas and sanding with fine paper to prepare surface for basecoat.

This step is very important as spray finish especially satin and gloss effect will show up all imperfections after spraying top coat lacquer.




2. Spraying basecoat

Depends on type of used paint the surface needs few coats of basecoat before the top finishing colour.

We always apply minimum 2-3 coats of thick white basecoat.



3. Spraying top coat

Before spraying final top coat the area and surface must be spotless clean and free of dust.

If the works are carried on site it’s a good idea to keep the door closed for the time of paint  spraying,

Matt and satin finishes doesn’t need any finishing after spraying final lacquer however high gloss finishes require additional wet and dry polishing process.

This is example of 20% sheen RAL 7016



4. Paint drying time.

Quality and the best furniture paints drying very  quick, touch dry takes between 10-30 minutes . For example this project took 2 days to complete including room preparation.

See more paint finishes:  example works.


For respraying alod and already paited kitchen fronts or wardrobe doors please visit our FAQ


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