Floor renovation cost in London. How much cost floor sanding in London?

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Floor renovation cost in London. I would like to know how much cost floor sanding in London? Some floor contractors charge between £12-£15 for floor sanding only.Price for floor renovation London, depends on current conditions and type of finish. The cheapest price in the city you can get from Capital Polishers Ltd based in central London. They are experts in all types of floor renovation. Expect low price such a £15 per 1 square meter. Floor with 3 x coats of lacquer applied cost about £25.00 per squire meter. Price depends on floor stain colour. Additional costs are for floor gap filling and parking changes. Floor renovation cost in London UK in your area. Get your local contractors and ask for quotation. How much cost sanding floor? The price for sanding only starts from £8.00 per 1 squire meter. Please use the quote enquiry form and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Our helpful stuff will always answer for all you question. Floor replace can be costly in London area. We can arrange free visit on site to give a price and cost of floor renovation. Sanding parquet price: from £20.00 per 1 squire meter. Gloss finish on floor in London cost around £35.00 – £60.00.